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Advanced technical ceramics supporting critical European industries

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In 2019 Kyocera acquired Mannheim-based Friatec GmbH, later renamed KYOCERA Fineceramics Solutions GmbH (KFSG). By combining Kyocera's commitment to R&D with KFSG's expertise in technical ceramics manufacturing, the companies aim to support the medical, chemical, semiconductor manufacturing, electronics, and other critical European industries with innovative ceramics solutions.

We spoke with KFSG's Managing Director, Mr. Armin Kayser, about the company‘s strengths and future strategies.

Please tell us about your company's business.

KFSG is producing and marketing highly customized products for the medical analytics industry, semiconductor manufacturing, electronic, and general industry. We focus on high-performance technical ceramics and brazed metal-ceramic components. We help customers find solutions that build their USP (Unique Selling Proposition) in their respective markets and support them from development to automated high volume production. We are a mid-size flexible company located in the heart of Europe and are well placed within Kyocera – one of the world-leading ceramic suppliers.

Armin Kayser_web.png
Mr. Kayser, Managing Director of KYOCERA Fineceramics Solutions GmbH

Your company has low-cost SiC manufacturing technology and high-efficiency production facilities utilizing AI. Please tell us specifically what kind of technology they are.

KFSG has focused on brazed metal-ceramic components for the electronics and medical analytical equipment industries for many years and is considered one of the leading companies in this field in Europe. This is based on our brazing technology, high purity and pore-free ceramics materials, and the huge experience base of our colleagues.

KFSG_2015 Luftaufnahme_web.jpg
KYOCERA Fineceramics Solutions GmbH headquarters in Mannheim, Germany

Please tell us the markets and areas that you are particularly focusing on.

KFSG is producing and marketing highly customized products for the medical analytics industry, semiconductor manufacturing, electronic and general industry. Our regional focus is Europe, with distribution partners in the Nordic countries, the UK, France, and Italy. We also sell to the US, Asia-Pacific, and Japan via Kyocera’s sales units.

What has changed since you joined the Kyocera Group?
Are there any synergies with other companies in the Kyocera Group?

We were able to enter completely new regional markets and applications with the help of Kyocera. Kyocera understands the need for high investment into R&D and machinery to support aggressive growth.

We have also built strong production alliances with KYOCERA Fineceramics Precision GmbH (KFPG), which joined with Kyocera Group around the same time as our company, and aim to make the best use of our capital investment and respective technology leadership positions to increase business opportunities in new markets.

What are your company's future business goals and prospects?

We plan to grow aggressively and way over market average with a minimum 15% CAGR through new product and market development, leveraging our leading technology position in several market niches.

PR_KFSG_50th anniversary webpage_800px_shadow.jpg
KFSG's oxide ceramic components (left) and metallized ceramic components (right)