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Refinement in just one step: StarCeram® complete from Kyocera

These new 2D and 3D pastes are perfect for finalising restorations for customised design and glazing in just one firing. They also satisfy the highest aesthetic demands. The new pastes were presented for the first time at IDS 2021 in Cologne.

  • Fine Ceramic Components

Kyoto/London – In cooperation with Dentaurum, KYOCERA Fineceramics Precision GmbH has launched special 2D and 3D pastes for the very highest aesthetic demands placed on the finalisation of all-ceramic monolithic restorations. StarCeram® complete allows for customised design as well as quick and easy glazing in a single firing. The colour-matched pastes are compatible with all StarCeram® blanks, including Z-Al Med HD, Z-Nature Ultra, Z-Smile and all polychromatic discs.

2D and 3D technology for individual requirements

The ready-to-use pastes are manufactured using a special high-tech process in which the particle size of the products is aligned with the requirements of the painting technique (2D). It is also possible to create customised morphology in the incisal or occlusal surface area (3D) by adding ceramic pastes, for instance, in order to add contact points with lower bending strength for the antagonist or to compensate for minor damage to the milled work by applying material at a later stage. The new composition also makes it possible to achieve a homogeneous application on the surface of all-ceramic objects. The thixotropic effect produces a perfect surface bond and makes minimal layering possible. The pastes are all translucent and this property provides the dynamic light effect of the framework material.

The 2D pastes add translucency

The combination of the small particle size with the translucency of the 2D pastes allows the tooth colour, brightness level and depth effect of the restoration to be optimised. The fluorescence of the pastes has been matched to that of real teeth in order to also give all-ceramic work a natural appearance.

The 3D pastes create depth

The combination of slightly larger ceramic particles with a thixotropic paste allows the incisal and occlusal surfaces to be shaped and contact points to be precisely placed. The firing stability of the 3D pastes ensures that the desired morphology is maintained. The translucency and opalescence of the ready-to-use 3D pastes allow a vivid depth effect to be created.

Maximum flexibility thanks to StarCeram® complete

The StarCeram® 2D and 3D pastes are flexible and versatile, as it is possible to mix all colours together. The aesthetic result is thus visible even before the sintering process. In addition, workflow efficiency can be increased by adding the glaze paste(s) in just one step, saving time and energy.

The StarCeram® starter box includes 15 individual materials (shades A-D, plus white, grey, blue, incisal I2 and orange characterisation shades, plus Dentin bleach, Dentin medium and 3D pastes for incisal) as well as two special liquids and accessories. The set, which includes two brushes, is available for testing and trying out through specialist trade from October 2021. All components of the set will also be available individually. In addition, users of the cloud-based material database exocad DentalCAD are now able to select the appropriate StarCeram® blank directly when creating a restoration in order to achieve an optimal workflow.

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