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Kyocera at EMO 2021: On the way to more sustainable manufacturing

From October 04th - 09th, the ceramics specialist Kyocera introduces innovative cutting tool solutions in Milano, Italy.

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Kyoto/London - Following a successful appearance in 2019, and a long time without any physical show, Kyocera will exhibit their products and solutions again this year at EMO 2021, the world’s leading trade fair for metalworking. They will bring along a variety of new cutting tools for industrial machining and manufacturing to Milano, including the top innovations MFH boost for high feed milling with a maximum depth of cut (ap) of 2.5 mm, new PCD tools for the electric vehicle market and aerospace solutions by Kyocera SGS solid tools.

In view of a rapidly changing world and new challenges, Kyocera is expanding the portfolio of tools and services with an even more economic and sustainable approach. By advancing the productivity of customers, it’s possible to reduce carbon emissions together. Thanks to new coating technologies tool lives can be prolonged and new developed hybrid substrates like latest cermet grades can reduce the usage of carbide.

New highly efficient solid tools: KDA, 2ZDK and Q Series

Kyocera expanded its drilling product range with two new solid twist drills. KDA is a high-precision solid carbide drill for an excellent all-around drilling performance, and it is available with and without coolant holes accommodating a wide variety of applications. 2ZDK, a new flat bottom drill, provides high precision and stable machining results due to its special chisel edge with S-curve. The Q Series solid end mills broadens the product series and thus also their application area with a new torus type cutter and optimized end mills for trochoidal milling with Weldon-shank.

Kyocera_Q Series solid end mill.jpg
Q Series solid end mill for various milling applications

Expansion of successful high-feed cutter MFH with ap max of 2.5 mm

The successful MFH Series for high feed milling expands the lineup with the MFH Boost – with its characteristic large depth of cut of up to 2.5 mm and a unique concept to achieve high chip removal ratio. This milling cutter is a great choice for many applications and can even be used as a high productivity rougher. Different toolholder designs and insert grades offer many individual solutions for customers.

Kyocera_MFH Boost +toolholder.jpg
Left: MFH Boost toolholder lineup includes face mills, modular mills and end mills
Right: MFH Boost – High feed milling with large depth of cut

Perfect choice in Swiss machining – EZ Bar for small internal machining

Easy adjustment and high precision: The new EZ Bar is ideally suited for small internal machining. With more items for internal turning added to the lineup, the application range is now even wider than before. Different sleeves, bars and chipbreaker types are available for many application areas including boring, back-boring, internal grooving, internal facing and threading.

Kyocera_EZ Bar and EZ Bar Plus_V2.jpg
EZ Bar and EZ Bar Plus multipurpose ID turning tools for small diameter

Stable cut-off machining – KPK lineup expansion

The KPK Series shows superior performance in cut-off operations. Easy insert replacement and a strong clamping mechanism for added safety are key characteristics of this reliable cut-off tool series. Due to the unique chipbreaker designs for general use and high-feed machining, KPK achieves very stable machining processes while also maintaining long tool lives. New blade type and shank type toolholders have been added to the lineup – offering more tooling options for customers.

KPK shows stable performances during cut-off processes

Lightweight solutions for electric vehicles

Whether 100 % electric or plug-in hybrid, electric vehicles require comprehensive weight optimization of the structural components in order to ensure a meaningful range with weighty batteries. For decades, Kyocera has been working on aluminum with the lowest silicon content, in order not only to consider the cost-effectiveness and dimensional accuracy, but also to the demand for the lowest burr formation, especially in the case of thin-walled structures. Kyocera’s carbide tools with and without PCD tips are used here, which meet the high and strict requirements of the automotive industry.

Innovations from Kyocera SGS for the aerospace industry

At the EMO stand, visitors can also see the latest developments from Kyocera SGS. The cutting tool technologies withstand complex conditions in the machining of demanding materials such as nickel alloys, titanium, and composite materials. For this purpose, the Kyocera SGS products need to be optimally combined: substrate, geometry, edge preparation, and coating complement each other to form highly innovative technologies which provide solutions for the world’s leading companies and new developed materials, especially in the aerospace industry.

The Kyocera stand is located in hall 02, booth F12 G11.

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