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Yakiniku – the Japanese indoor barbecue

The Japanese BBQ "Yakiniku" is not restricted to summer weather thanks to its low-smoke indoor grills and can therefore be enjoyed all year round. Kyocera takes a look into its Japanese homeland and provides tips and the right equipment for the correct preparation and cooking of Far Eastern traditional barbecue.

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Kyoto/London – Barbecuing is simply part of summer. As soon as the temperature starts to warm up, people flock to the outdoors to fire up their barbecue grills. As summer gives way to the colder seasons, barbecue season also reaches its end in Europe. In Japan, the home of Kyocera, barbecue culture is different: The special cooking technique means that BBQ delights are not tied to weather conditions and can therefore be enjoyed all year round. This culinary custom is called "yakiniku", originally from Korea, but adapted and varied in Japan.

The biggest difference to American BBQ is that it uses a compact indoor tabletop grill, also known as a shichirin. The low smoke charcoal of the Asian stone lime oak is traditionally used for this, but there are also electronic versions that are suitable for use indoors.

Create a Japanese barbecue experience with Kyocera

Another fundamental difference lies in the preparation. This involves cutting the meat into wafer-thin, bite-sized pieces and arranging them attractively on a plate. In Japan, you can buy appropriately prepared cuts of beef, including the luxurious Kobe beef, in the supermarket. The rest of the world would do best to seek out an expert butcher or use a very sharp knife such as the Kyocera ceramic knives from the JAPAN series. To cut the meat into particularly thin pieces, we recommend that you chop it while it is still chilled.

So as not to affect the taste and cooking time, the pieces of meat are usually only sprinkled with salt and pepper. That's precisely why the texture and grain of the plain spices makes a big difference. With Kyocera's ceramic herb and spice grinder, you can define how finely you want the grind to be - whether you're going for a fine melt or a slightly crunchy bite.

The raw cuts are then served together with vegetables and mushrooms directly at the table and cooked by the guests themselves. This kind of inclusion gives the whole experience the special character that Japanese cuisine is known for. The wafer-thin meat pieces cook through in about a minute on the hot grill and hardly lose any moisture, resulting in particularly juicy delicacies. They are often served with rich sauces made from Japanese flavour bombs such as miso paste, roasted sesame seeds and sweet rice wine. A perfect dip for a perfect, Far Eastern barbecue experience at your home dining table – at any time of the year.

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