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Kyocera to Showcase AI, 5G, and Mobility Technologies at CES 2020

Company offers a view “Toward the Future” with latest product innovations shown for the first time in the U.S.

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Kyoto/London - Kyocera Corporation (President: Hideo Tanimoto) will exhibit its latest products and technologies at CES 2020, January 7-10, in Las Vegas. Many innovations will be shown in the U.S. for the first time including new AI and camera-LIDAR fusion sensors for ADAS and autonomous driving; a rugged 5G smartphone, router, and tablet; a smart carbohydrate monitoring system; clean energy innovations, and more. Kyocera’s booth will be located in the AI & Robotics marketplace, Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) South Hall 2, Booth #25402.


Kyocera’s latest innovations for creating a safe, secure, and comfortable society will be displayed in five categories — AI Solutions, Sensing Technology, 5G Solutions, Advanced Mobility, and Advanced Devices — with selected technologies showcased in fun and informative interactive demonstrations. Also included in the Kyocera booth will be a timeline reflecting the company’s recent 60th Anniversary, under the theme “Toward the Future.”

Kyocera Booth: Outline & Highlights

Dates January 7 (Tue)-10 (Fri), 2020
Location Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), South Hall 2, Booth #25402
Official show map:

AI Solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is essential for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving. Kyocera is developing a miniature camera module equipped with integrated AI capabilities to detect nearby pedestrians, bicycles, and other vehicles with high accuracy. The Kyocera booth will include a digital demonstration allowing visitors to interact with the high-precision AI camera as it recognizes human movement and objects.

AI Camera digital demonstration (left) and detection example (right)

Sensing Technology

LIDAR technology is considered key to autonomous driving, and highly accurate LIDAR sensors will be essential for the future of mobility. Kyocera has developed a highly precise “Camera-LIDAR Fusion Sensor” that reduces distortion and parallax error by integrating LIDAR distance-measuring into the camera’s image sensor. At CES, Kyocera will unveil an interactive display demonstrating the sensor’s performance with an original video evoking Japan’s four seasons.

5G Solutions

Wireless 5G communication is finally coming to consumers. Kyocera will introduce new prototypes of rugged 5G tablets and smartphones that provide solutions for business and professional users in such demanding fields as emergency medical care, construction, agriculture, and hotel services. In addition, Kyocera will unveil its innovative “5G Smart Router” device, which can bring Edge Computing and 5G connectivity to devices lacking 5G capability – up to 100 devices at a time.

Advanced Mobility

Kyocera’s latest developments for creating a safe and comfortable mobility society include its “3D Augmented Reality Head-up Display”, which supports driver safety and comfort — as well as Kyocera’s patented HAPTIVITY®1 touchscreen display technology, which simulates a variety of realistic tactile sensations to revolutionize the human-machine interface.

HAPTIVITY® for automotive infotainment display

Advanced Devices

Kyocera will also exhibit the world’s first2 smart carbohydrate monitoring system. This breakthrough device can estimate carbohydrate metabolism by measuring the user’s heartbeat through the wrist, analyzing pulse-wave patterns with a built-in gyro sensor, and displaying results on the user’s smartphone. Lifestyle and wellness applications include diet monitoring and pre-diabetic awareness, with no needles or blood sampling required. Other innovations on display will include ceramic cell stacks for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs), a “world’s first”3 development from Kyocera — as well as Kyocera’s Peltier Modules, which provide rapid heating and cooling for automotive applications ranging from electric-vehicle battery management systems to temperature-controlled seating.

Kyocera’s carbohydrate monitoring system displays data on the user’s smartphone

1 “HAPTIVITY®” is a registered trademark of Kyocera Corporation
2 World’s first radial arterial pulse wave gyro sensor. Based on research by Kyocera (as of October 28, 2019)
3 Kyocera achieved mass production of cell stacks for residential SOFCs for the first time in the world. Based on research by Kyocera (as of December 1, 2019)

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