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New KYOCERA Electronic Connectors Offer World’s Highest Mating Tolerance, Withstand up to +125°C

Durable, reliable Board-to-Board connectors support new and emerging applications in automotive electronics

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Kyoto/London – Kyocera yesterday announced its new 5656 Series electronic Board-to-Board connectors, featuring 0.5 mm pitch and a proprietary floating structure that delivers the world’s highest mating tolerance*1 with heat resistance up to +125°C. The new connectors appropriate for use in car navigation systems, in-vehicle infotainment and millimeter wave radar, are now available to support manufacturers worldwide.

5656 Series Board-to-Board connector
Product name 5656 Series Board-to-Board connector
Applications Automotive, industrial and consumer electronics
Sales target 200,000 units in the first year since the launch

Development Background

Advancements in automotive infotainment and driver-assist technologies are creating new demand for electronic connectors that meet two key requirements. First, they must operate reliably amid high temperatures; and second, they must maintain stable contact position against vibration and shock. Kyocera’s new 0.5mm-pitch Board-to-Board connectors are specifically designed for these requirements, with heat resistance up to +125°C and a proprietary floating mechanism that provides mating tolerance of ±1.0 mm (F/P*2 = 200 %) in both the X and Y directions — 2.2 times larger than Kyocera’s conventional connector products. This enhanced mating tolerance ensures reliable connections by compensating for a greater degree of location mating error and mounting slippage during assembly, as well as vibration and shock in the operating environment.

Kyocera continues to expand its automotive electronic connector line with new products offering enhanced features and performance. By providing new solutions for emerging requirements, the company aims to contribute to the advancement of the industry.

Main Features

1. Floating structure provides world’s highest mating tolerance
Kyocera’s proprietary floating structure ensures reliable connections in the mated state even amid movement of up to ±1.0 mm (F/P = 200 %) in both the X and Y directions.

Right-angle type's mated state and floating structure

2. Heat resistant up to +125°C
Kyocera’s new 5656 Series connectors feature an operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C, facilitating use in car navigation system, in-vehicle infotainment and millimeter wave radar.

3. Straight and right-angle configurations enhance design flexibility
The 5656 Series connectors are available in two configurations: a straight type that mounts perpendicular to the circuit board for vertical insertion, and a right-angle type that mounts parallel to the board for horizontal insertion.

Straight type (left) and right-angle type (right)

4. Available with power terminal attached for higher current
Also available are two specialized types that meet with a wide range of requirements: the power terminals attached type accommodates high current such as power supply purpose. Combinations of signal and power pins are also available.

5. Reliable and durable amid foreign materials
The form of the area (terminals) removes foreign materials by wiping ensuring reliable connections.

6. Structure enhances mounting inspection process
The structure enables users to inspect the tail area to mount a board visually from above or by using an optical inspection device thus enhancing operation efficiency.

No of pins 40 to 80
Pitch 0.5 mm
Floating volume
±1.0 mm (F/P = 200 %)
Height in mated state 17.0 mm (parallel mounting on the board)
*other variations may be available later
400 or 500 per reel
Operating temperature range -40 to +125°C (without condensation)
Rated current DC 0.5 A/contact
Rated voltage DC 30 V/contact
D.W. voltage AC 250 Vrms/min.
Materials Copper alloy/
heat-resistant resin
ROHS and halogen-free Compliant

*1 Based on Kyocera’s research of this class of connector (as of April 30, 2018).
*2 F/P: F=Floating/P=Pitch

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