KYOCERA introduces a new 12.1” WXGA LCD Module for Off Highway Applications

Features Advanced Wide Viewing Technology and 1000 cd/m² for best optical performance

Kyoto/London – The Japanese technology corporation Kyocera, a leading manufacturer in the field of electronic devices, is expanding its range with a new 12.1" TFT module with Advanced Wide View technology and 1000 cd/m² brightness for off-highway applications. The display is therefore precisely adapted to the new requirements in construction machines and tractors: The range of software menus is rapidly expanding and the work cabins are generously glazed. The ISO Bus terminals used therefore require a larger display area with high performance visibility in order to be able to display the menu legibly in all operating situations. Reflections must not interfere.


KYOCERA alla fiera AMB 2018: un’anteprima mondiale e molte novità

Le novità per AMB di KYOCERA: anteprima mondiale di ampliamento gamma frese per la lavorazione dell’alluminio, nuova serie di portutensili con adduzione di liquido refrigerante, nuovi rompitrucioli per la produzione di piccoli particolari nonché nuovi portautensili con attacco poligonale e nuovi utensili per la lavorazione dell’acciaio.

Kyoto/Milano − Lo specialista giapponese di ceramiche Kyocera presenterà in anteprima mondiale una moltitudine di nuovi prodotti alla prossima fiera AMB di Stoccarda. Questi includeranno, in particolare, la nuova fresa serie MEAS per la lavorazione ad alta velocità ed elevate prestazioni dell'alluminio e la nuova serie di portautensili JCT (Jet Coolant Through Series) con adduzione di liquido refrigerante interno ad alta pressione. A questi si aggiungono inoltre: rompitrucioli speciali, particolarmente adatti per la produzione di piccoli particolari, il portautensili della serie KPC con interfaccia poligonale secondo la norme ISO 26623-1 e un'estensione della gamma di utensili in metallo duro rivestiti in CVD per la lavorazione dell'acciaio.


KYOCERA Develops World’s First Full-Spectrum LED Aquarium Lighting

Innovative technology mimics sunlight at specific underwater depths; designed to optimize growth of corals and marine plants.

Kyoto/London - Kyocera announced that the company developed the world’s first*1 full-spectrum LED lighting for aquariums. Kyocera’s high-color-rendering LED lighting combines its proprietary violet LEDs and RGB (red, green and blue) phosphors to create lights close to natural sunlight at specific underwater depths. Kyocera’s new LED lighting is ideal for growing various water creatures as it reproduces the light close to the natural habitats of corals and water plants. The optical spectrum can also be customized to reproduce the deep blue color for ornamental purposes.


KYOCERA designs and manufactures new ultra-small robust ceramic UHF RFID Tags for tool tracking in Aerospace industry

KYOCERA’s new ultra-high frequency RFID transponder is appliable to metal and – due to its robust ceramic package – suitable for reliable tool tracking within the aerospace industry.

Kyoto/London - Within the Aerospace industry, safety issues have special importance. In case of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services of aircrafts and spaceships, any object that is not where it is supposed to be provides a high risk to safety. These foreign objects include, among others, metal tools used for maintenance services by MRO service providers which are forgotten after servicing the aircraft. If metal tools are left behind in an aircraft after repair services, there exists a high risk of so-called ‘Foreign Object Damage (FOD)’. This describes damages caused by foreign objects that impair the quality, functionality, or economic value, of an aircraft. Estimations show that FOD costs within the aerospace industry amount to some billion Euro per year worldwide.

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